1. No Spam; it's extremely annoying to be role playing and have this entire chat flooded with your stupid messages so please do NOT spam. punishments: warning, kick, ban

2. Word Walls are the same as spam and have the same punishments.

3. NO PORN!!! this means no redtube, xnxx, or youporn or some shit alright.

4. Keep cybering to the PMs alright, no one wants to see your awesome sex scene alright.

5. If a mod tells you to stop doing something THEN STOP,  if you don't. (warning, kick, ban)

6. Don't talk behind a mods/admins back, however I need evidence of this person doing it.

7. No drama outside of PM, this means no sad messages on your wall, this will be a block from messages on your wall or anyones.

8. I don't enjoy having to stop people from trolling, so please, if a troll comes refrain from messaging them back, just ignore them and I'll kick them.

9. Simplest rule ever right here; if an admin or chat mod ask you a question do NOT lie to us. This is an instant kick and then an instant ban.

10. If you feel a mod or admin is being unfair, put a message on the owners wall and he will see. he will need proof of what's happened though. And if you have lied to get a mod in trouble, a three day ban.